Intelligent CCTV Video

No matter how few or how many cameras your system uses, monitoring everything effectively presents a serious challenge. Even observing just a single screen for long periods pushes concentration to the limit – after only 20 minutes, an operator can miss as much as 90% of the activity in a scene.

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) helps operators stay focused by introducing a new level of automation to Video monitoring. Edge-based, real-time processing identifies alert conditions, giving your security team the information it needs to react swiftly and take action.

Video surveillance re-invented

Securing multi-site areas with guards is expensive, and security personnel can’t be everywhere all the time. Intelligent Video Analytics solutions can monitor an area 24/7/365 - and will not look the wrong way or even blink. Get peace of mind with your existing system, knowing you're covered all the time, any time.