Biometric Access Control

All businesses, whether small, medium or large, have assets that need to be protected from theft. There is also the issue of protecting staff and their property. It is common in buildings that are secured by locks and keys for doors to be left unlocked all day. This opens up the possibility of opportunist theft and malicious damage.

Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building and assets. Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change a lock again. Tokens are issued to allow access through the controlled doors, and are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen or just not returned by someone who leaves your company. Barred tokens will not allow access through the controlled doors.


ievo ultimate™    

The ievo ultimate was designed from the outset as a third party reader, capable of seamlessly integrating into a large number of access control systems. Boasting many unique features and benefits, the ievo ultimate uses multispectral imaging combined with an advanced world leading algorithm to keep your data accurate and secure.

Operational in a variety of harsh environments the ievo ultimate reader is the flagship fingerprint reader from ievo Ltd. With a standard range of up to 10,000 templates (larger capacity options are available, please see custom kit), the ability to combat a vast majority of problem fingerprints, plus the customisable options, the ultimate reader is suitable for any business in any industry.

The ievo ultimate functions in tandem with the ievo control board, which can control up to two individual ievo fingerprint readers simultaneously and can be further customised to offer a bespoke solution – for further information please see the ievo custom kit product page.


  1. Flexible Connections
  2. Due to the unique modular design, the ievo ultimate can be deployed in a number of locations via different connection options. Site perimeters can be linked to the system via WiFi signals from the readers to the control board, external entry points can be connected via PoE and 12v DC connections can be utilised for internal communications.
  3. IP65 Rated
  4. The ultimatefingerprint reader is IP (Ingress Protection) rated to industry standard 65:
  5. Totally protected against dust ingress.
  6. Protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. Limited ingress permitted.

With this rating the ultimate is ideal for external and internal installations and harsh environment use.

  1. Tackling Skin Debris
  2. Utilising the advanced multispectral imaging sensor to enable a fingerprint image to be obtained even when some levels of dust, dirt, oils, creams or cosmetics are present on the skin; and also through some types of latex gloves. The ultimate provides a robust solution to work for you.
  3. Liveness Detection
  4. Certified for Government use in the UK by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) the ievoultimate provides resistance to fake and spoof fingerprint attacks by using the industry’s best liveness detection sensor to capture detailed data from the surface and subsurface levels of a fingerprint.

Multispectral Imaging

The ievo ultimate uses multispectral imaging (MSI) technology to capture a highly accurate reading of a fingerprint. Scanning both surface and subsurface levels of the skin simultaneously, up to a depth of 4mm, this method uses multiple polarised and non-polarised lights to register between 1-100 reference points to build a true digital image (the average number of reference points for a good image is 40). The MSI process allows the reader to operate through a variety of most skin or environmental conditions that may otherwise hinder an accurate reading.