Mission and Goals


As a new generation company with modern ideas and a philosophy of being the best rather than the largest integrator in the security industry, creating new solutions based on innovative ideas while utilizing tried & tested technologies, thereby, becoming the industry leaders in electronic security integration in Africa.
Our commitment is the strategic design and seamless execution of innovative, state-of-the-art security systems delivered within budget and agreed timelines.
We provide world-class and ground-breaking integrated solutions and have invested in its people and products to protect a variety of clients and the client’s asset’s.
We specialize in helping companies and organizations that don't have a security department or security manager on staff. We help non-security professionals to create and operate effective security programs that allow security to be managed without having a dedicated security department.

For organizations that do have a security department, we provide an objective outside look at the way that security is presently managed, as well as provide services that can supplement and enhance the capabilities of your in-house security management team.

Why Choose JNCS Beyond Security?

Traffic_2_rights_check_LR_img_w238Trying to decide how much security you need or what types of security systems you should invest in ?
Concerned that the recommendations that you have been getting from security equipment sellers or guard companies may not be in your best interests?

JNCS Beyond Security can help.

  1. JNCS Beyond Security is an independent fee-based consultancy company that also handles installations of security systems equipment.
  2. JNCS Beyond Security has in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the latest in physical security technology and effective crime prevention strategies.
  3. JNCS Beyond Security is an expert in the security design and planning process.
  4. JNCS Beyond Security uses a comprehensive security assessment procedure that has been successfully used on more than 150 major assessment projects.

Put the Experience of JNCS Beyond Security to Work for You Today!

Join the list of  satisfied clients that JNCS Beyond Security has served. Please contact us today for no obligation quotation on what it would cost to provide security consulting services for your facilities.

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